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Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Tue Oct 13 23:09:05 EDT 2009

At 07:24 PM 10/11/2009, BobHelt at aol.com wrote:
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>Car is a  racer only, not registered, no plates.
>Everything that I've ever seen and read says that to be moving on the
>ground requires registration and plates....EVERYWHERE.

...which brings to mind the question of whether or not a dolly-towed 
vehicle also would require such, and if not, what would be the difference.

A while back a buddy and I flat-towed a '69 Monza halfway across the 
state via highways and passed several state police vehicles which 
never paid the first bit of attention.   No tags on the 
car.   Several other times I've flat-towed stuff with no tags and 
police either just let it go, paid no mind, or there's something in 
the coffee they drink that blurred their vision.

Or, they all assumed that it must be ok to flat-tow an inop vehicle 
with no valid registration because I was doing it and acting like it 
was perfectly legit to do so.

Back When, Curt Jones flat-towed an FC from Florida to my house in VA 
with a rollback which also had the red '60 Monza on it, dropped both 
of them off on his way to the '99 Vair Fair.   I don't recall him 
saying anything about being stopped for doing so.   ;)

I won't try to argue that it's not illegal to pull something behind 
you without any tags on it... I'm just mentioning that I've done it a 
lot of times and nobody ever said anything about my doing so 
including the State policeman who stopped behind me on Rt 460 after 
I'd stopped while towing a Lakewood from Forest VA to Roanoke, 
stopped to do a walk-around (I do that about every 30 miles or so 
just to make sure the tires are all still up and nothing is coming 
loose etc).    The policeman asked me if everything was OK and I said 
yes, was just doing a checkout, he said be careful and drive safely 
and went on.   Lakewood not only had no tags it had no glass or 
tailgate.  But it did have 4 tires...  ;)

This would be an interesting regulation to research and check 
out...  perhaps if the towed vehicle is genuinely inop there's a 
loophole...?   I dunno.


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