<VV> Generator th Alternator conversion wiring

Dave Thompson dave.thompson at verizon.net
Wed Oct 14 05:07:48 EDT 2009

OK Guys,

I broke down and replaced my Generator with an internally regulated
alternator today in my 63 spyder. All went well until I fired up the engine.
With the key on, engine stopped, I get a bright Gen. dash lamp (as usual).
Once the engine has started, the light dimed to about 50% brightness but did
not go out. It still didn't go out after about 10 minutes of drive test. I
put a battery/charge tester on it and I am getting about 14-1/2 volts with
the engine running, 12 volts with the engine off.


I have two different wiring diagrams.  Both have a #10 going from the
battery to the bolt on the back of the alternator. Where they differ is the
two wires on the plug on top. One drawing shows the wire on terminal #1
going to the battery and the other drawing shows terminal #1 going to the
dash lamp, spliced to the brown wire on the firewall plug. 


I first wired terminal #1 to the dash lamp.  When I got the 50% dash lamp, I
swapped the wires to follow the other diagram that I have.  I then got NO
dash lamp at any time. Key on, engine not running and engine running. I then
went to my library and looked in Bob Helt's "The Classic Corvair". I also
looked in the tech guide. They both were written by Bob and showed terminal
#1 going to the dash lamp. I figured that Bob knows better than the other
guy so I swapped the wires on the plug again. I got the 50% lamp brightness


While writing this, It dawned on me that my battery may be under-charged.
Could it be that once the battery is topped off by the alternator, the lamp
will go out? I do not have a battery charger so I can't charge the battery
and test again. I will check the water level in the battery tomorrow


I will wait to drive her until I hear from you guys.



Dave Thompson

63 Spyder vert

Westminster, CA


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