<VV> Single key for all early '60s Chevys or just Corvairs?

wrsssatty at aol.com wrsssatty at aol.com
Wed Oct 14 12:15:12 EDT 2009

I asked a guy I know who has an awesome '62 Impala SS and he says all '62 Chevys had a single key locking system for doors, ignition, glove box (and console, if applicable) and trunk.  Corvair content:  he's the guy I bought my NOS '62/'63 rear grill from.  He had bought out the parts inventory of an old Chevy dealership and had no use for the grill for his Impala SS.  The grill is now on my red/red '63 coupe.

I had thought that the single key locking system was just on Corvairs since a Corvair was the only Chevy my family owned at the time and our Oldsmobiles used two keys.  I guess I thought that since Corvair was GM's "economy" car, they had economized by using only one key!

~Bill Stanley

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