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Boyce & JR,

The longer hoses may or may not rub on tight turns.  When I replace front 
hoses, I always check to see the range of positions the hoses will go through 
when going through the range of steering, lock-to-lock.  It is surprising 
how the hose can suddenly develop a loop and flip to one side in one steering 
position or another.  You can loosen the nut, reposition the hose and 
retighten the nut to assure the hose does not rub on the wheel or any other 
component under the car under any steering circumstance.  Keep in mind that the 
hose will change position when the body moves up and down, not just with the 

With that said, 3-4 Inches added length is a lot so you may want to get 
something closer.  Also, I am not sure if the change in diameter is an issue.  
It is better to be safe than sorry so go ahead and exchange them for your 
peace of mind if nothing else.

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> YEP...  The fronts will rub on the sidewalls of the tires on turns until 
> one day when all the braking you have will be that big handle on the left of 
> the steering wheel.  I've forgotten what the original GM ones were in 
> length - but someone here will surely have the specs.
> Later, JR
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> > While working on my project van, I was replacing the brake hoses. I 
> noted with curiousity the autozone front hoses (#88265 IIRC) are smaller 
> diameter, and  about 3 or 4 inches longer than the ones I took off. The rears are 
> labled 3/16,  the fronts labeled 1/8. It appears all the originals were 
> the same diameter.  Anyone see any issues with continuing with these hoses? 
> Not looking for  originality, only safety.
> > Boyce

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