<VV> Mr Cole WAS Corvair Designer(s)

kenpepke at juno.com kenpepke at juno.com
Thu Oct 15 08:07:24 EDT 2009

In reality, Mr. Cole had far more to do with development than the directing of others.  Mr Cole was a total 'car guy' who developed ideas, pieces, and parts in his own home workshop.  He truly earned his reputation.
Ken P


"James P. Rice" <ricebugg at mtco.com> wrote:

All:  Well, actually, Ed Cole's people designed the Corvair.  He was way to
far up the org chart to have the time to be sit at a drawing board, putting
pencil to paper designing anything.  But, since the boss gets both the
credit and the blame, (well, at least in a just world...) Ed Cole gets
credit for designing the Corvair.  It was his idea, his dream, his vision
and his direction and ultimately, his signing off on his people's work which
brought the Corvair to the market place.

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