<VV> Early Corvettes

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 15 23:20:32 EDT 2009

>At that time it was quite revolutionary.  Glass  body Two seater.  Admittedly the  Blue Flame 6 and powerglide was not a fast combo  it was however a total departure for American produced vehicles.  

This thread has gone on about far enough, and folks are forgetting more 
than they remember -- like the Corvair, the Vette was a unique departure 
for General Motors, but GM only, I believe.

IIRC, and I may not, the Kaiser Darrin (Kaiser being a good American 
company), was produced prior to the Vette and was also a glass bodied 
two seater, with sliding doors to boot -- and it had a manual 4-speed 
and a sorta neat top, too.

Ahh, the stuff we got to see and fix while working for Dee Wescott -- 
good times! -- thanks, Dee!

Bill Strickland

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