<VV> vermin in Corvair engines

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I've always had some luck with Bounce dryer sheets... although I've found some people just don't like the smell (and a neighbor actually gets ill if exposed to them). I change them out about once a month in the '64 700... an aligator clip around one of the battery cables works fine to hold it on (and it gives me something to wipe the dipstick on if my shop rag isn't in my back pocket)...

Cats are good... my outside cats (Squeeky & Edgar) help keep the mouse population under control around here...

And as for checking the oil cooler, YES!!! I put a folded fin on my 64 when I first got it, and once a month I shop-vac out the area...keep it clean and happy!

Later fellas... I gotta hit the hay!


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During "nap" time for the Vair....   Moth balls - engine compartment and 
nder rear seat.  Traps - one by each wheel.  You'll need to air out the 
oth ball odor in the spring.
Oh, it's a good idea to check under the oil cooler cover once a month or 
o - even in driving season.
Later, JR
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 Changing the automatic diff. (intermixing) in my Rampside, I noticed a 
 bunch of dry dog food in my heater. Then with the engine out, I looked 
 into the top of the engine I saw quite a bit of it. I pulled my oil cooler 
 cover and could not believe how much was in there (I just drove this 
 vehicle 1400 miles to Kansas and back). So now I have the engine (shrouds) 
 all apart and am wondering what can I do to keep the mice out of my cars. 
 Anyone? Thanks all.
 Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado
 On my way to Palm Springs in a couple of days, hopefully in the Rampside

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