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I am planning on attending the event on January 20th! What event?? Follow
this link! http://www.opentrackracing.com/

 I really do not want to be the only Corvair there! The guys back east are
mothballing their Vairs! Its time to get ours out! Even if you only have a
stocker, Come and drive 

it on January 20th! I know there are west coast guys out there!!!! Get off
the couch! I will be promoting this event at Palm Springs this weekend! I
hear of all the fun the guys back east had this summer! Now it is our turn!


You can contact me at the shop 928-649-9373

You have time to prep!


Mark Aksamit




OK Racer Buddies...

This will be our last event for 2009 and I hope you all come out and join
us.The date is set for November 18, 2009 on the big track at Willow Springs.
This event will be run in the same fashion as all previous events. We will
have three run groups, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each run group
will get (5) 30 minute run sessions totaling 2 1/2 hours of track time. For
all newbie's or people who want to attend, we will have classroom
instruction followed by on-track instruction. As always, all paid
participants will get an all you can eat BBQ lunch and an OPEN TRACK RACING
T-shirt.The price for this event is $155. 14 days prior to the event the
price goes up to $180, and the day of the event the price goes up to $205. I
hate to up the price for late sign ups, but if I didn't everyone would just
show up at the track and pay. Please remember that all OTR events are open
to all that want to attend (except for ugly people, we might not be
fast...but we sure are pretty), so please tell a friend!

You can register and get more information by going to
<http://www.opentrackracing.com/> www.opentrackracing.com , or you can call
me at (818) 206-8559. Please take the time to go to the wedsite and check
out all the 2010 dates we have scheduled.


Thanks, and See You at the Track!


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