<VV> Air Hoses----Made in USA?

keith osborne vanman453ta at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 20 16:28:09 EDT 2009

I would definitely have to agree, especially now-a-days.  A lot of countries, including our own, produce some not so very good stuff, as well as good products.

I really just like the Goodyear rubber hoses because they are traditional and old looking.  I like old stuff, but antique rubber air hoses probably would not be very practical LOL!  I've got some PVC hoses that are probably 15 years old, and they still serve faithfully.  Haven't seen a polyurethane hose yet, sounds nice.

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 At the end of the day, every country produces both good and bad stuff. In fact, if your goal is finding quality stuff, country of origin ain't gonna be the deciding factor! Remember, Harbor Freight has ONE goal, and one goal ONLY, CHEAP! Sometimes they have good stuff, but more often than not, it's cheap stuff, which is fine for tools for occasional use. 

The best air hoses are the polyurethane air hoses. Tough, strong, and a LOT more flexible than the rubber and PVC hoses (most are the latter) out there. I bought one, it was pricey, but DAMN, it's nice. And Harbor Freight has those too.


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