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Tue Oct 20 18:02:31 EDT 2009

if you have a hint of vermin in the engine compartment , you better plan on 
 at least removing the top shroud for a look. ( while you are at it put in 
a  new blower bearing )  i had 2 lately , one was my lakewood , which i 
built  a new motor for because the mouse stuff (from seats and heater?) must 
have been  in there long enough to cause overheating before i owned it. it was 
all black /  brown against the cylinders.
that engine is now a running club display on a trailer for car shows.
second one was my 64 A/C coupe.the stuff was still all white , not burned , 
 so i cleaned it all out , top and bottom , removed heater blower and got a 
 goodly load in my vac cleaner. so far no troubles , good heat , car runs 
good  after almost 1900 miles ,for a so called "bad engine?". i will build a 
"new" one  for it this winter.
i leave sticky traps in the cars with a small dab of peanut butter on them. 
 on on back floor , one on rear rail in engine compartment. when i first 
bought  the coupe , i got 2 mice in one trap the first night , then no more. i 
have a  few around the shop , but no mice there yet.  
my fishing boat took on damage from mice , bounce sheets did NOT seem to  
just my take so far...the sticky traps seem to help at @$1 for a pack of 4  
"rat" size. smaller ones get carried away by the mice.
regards , tim colson

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