<VV> Helicoil or Time Sert?

ChiefTAM at aol.com ChiefTAM at aol.com
Tue Oct 20 22:35:09 EDT 2009

I have an oil pan that is leaking, and there appears to be a bolt or two  
that are not holding, probably stripped.  There was a thread back in May or  
so that talked about leaky pans, but I can't seem to find it.  What is  
easier and better (if there is such a thing) to use to repair threads, helicoil  
or Time Sert?  
While I'm at it, any benefit to going to an aluminum pan like Clarks over a 
 stock steel?  The aluminum pans are pricey!
What is the best gasket to use?
What is the best way to keep the oil pan bolts from loosening up after  
driving a while?  I torqued the bolts to the proper torque a short time  ago, 
and most are loosening up, allowing the pan to leak oil.
Thanks for the assist.
Todd in TX

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