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Say, that's pretty cool!  

Keith Osborne

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The Super Monza was a 1960 2 door Corvair that was built by GM as a show
car. Here is a picture. Some of the dialog is just bad guessing, don't
beleive it all.


It was used by Lynne Mitchell and then given/sold/however to the Reynolds
family. It spent its life in Kentucky until they parked it in the garage. I
saw an ad in the Communique for a "1960 Corvair Show Car, needs restoring"
and thought it was worded funny. So must have everyone else, as no one
called them to buy it. When I brought it up at the CVCC meeting, I
discovered some other members remembered the car being owned by Reynolds,
and were researching where to find it. They put 2 and 2 together and
contacted the Reynolds family , who donated the car to the CVCC. After we
worked on it for about a year and ran out of money and time, we donated it
to CORSA. I had a hand and materials in the initial restoration.

More people can shed more and correct information on the Super Monza. It is
a wonderful looking car. Currently in the museum in Yipsalanti, MI.

Frank DuVal

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Re: Corvair content that caught my eye- What is the "Super Monza"?

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