<VV> Damn babi's and FCs, was: Corvair #1 Death Trap???

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I just bagged an 8-point buck two days ago with a F**d Escort. The air bags
went off, and the hood was shortened to half its original length. Even the
windshield was smashed and the "A" pillar pierced. I'd hate to do that in
an FC. I'm all for more hunters! (and always was.)

As a friend is so fond of saying, with an FC, you're the first one to the

On the other hand, at the first Detroit national convention in '79, one CCE
guy piled his FC into a stalled car on the Southfield. Fortunately the
damage was more on the unoccupied passenger side. But the passenger
intrusion was still not pretty.


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> I was driving the Rampside over our local mountain pass last night.  With
> less than a second to react I baby deer loomed into the headlights.  I
> always keep my blindspot clear, and I knew I was alone at that particular
> moment.  I jerked the wheel to the left (road was two lanes each way,
> divided by a concrete barrier) the truck reacted, heeled over and I
> around the deer, two more "saws" at the wheel and I had it back under
> control.  I highly doubt a conventional pickup could have made that lane
> change without loosing control of the ass end of the vehicle.
> Off course Leno was right;  if I'd hit the deer they could have just hosed
> off the dash and sold the Rampy to the next guy.  Maybe not though, as I
> have 3pt belts.
> Regards,
> Joel

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