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Sat Oct 24 21:00:26 EDT 2009

  Wix 51038

  Less than $6 at:


  TOLL FREE:1-888-797-3275

  Tony Irani

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> At 14:14 10/24/2009 -0400, Craig Nicol wrote:
>>The subject is controversial because many folks have had good experiences
>>with even the worst (Fram). Having said that Wix is said to be the best
>>filter available for Corvairs. Wix made the original AC filter and it's
>>still available through NAPA as #1038. In the store, I pay a little over $8.
> If your local FLAPS (e.g. Auto Value) sells Wix filters, ask for 
> #51038.  You may also want to consider Clark's custom manufactured filter. 
> It is basically the same design as the Wix but with some added features and 
> refinements.
> Dale Dewald
> Hancock, MI

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