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I spent  a few minutes with the owner - getting the tour of the car. It 
an  unbelievable amount of work to do the hardtop conversion, and it isn't  
quite  finished as yet. Some piece parts were sourced from a Chevy II  
hardtop, and  the side windows are custom cut and heat treated. Lot  of 
work and  welding-in of pieces. In some ways the  "hardtop" work gives the 
airy impression  of the 61-62 "bubbletop"  big cars. He also has a complete 
late model  suspension installed  underneath and, as you mentioned, lots of 
custom touches,  such as  front turn signals and custom headlight frames. I 
don't think it will  be  too long before it is finished. The guy is a real 
craftsman and  the body/paint  work is excellent. 

So why doesn't someone do an article with details and photos for the  
Bob Helt

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