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I don't recall testing Baldwin, but did test Purolator, Fram, and others 
with the outer U seal (several of each - whatever people brought to the 
meeting).  On most the gap could be seen on close inspection and it was 
fairly easy to slip a business card in where the inner seal was not doing 
it's job.
Later, JR

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> Hello JR
> Have you still got that cutaway housing? If so I have a Baldwin filter 
> with the U-gasket - would be interesting to see if it's effective since I 
> have a case of them sitting here....
> Les
> corvair at mts.net
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> Hey Jeff!
> The problem I see with the Fram filters (current ones) is that U shaped
> rubber gasket around the outer top edge.  I demonstrated this at a CCE
> meeting (you missed that one?) using a cutaway oil filter housing.  It is
> virtually impossible to crank down on the filter mounting bolt hard enough
> to make the smaller (inner) seal on the filter actually seal where it is
> supposed to.  This would allow the oil to flow over the top of the filter
> rather than through the filter.  Some folks have even split that outer U
> seal in an attempt to get the filter tight enough to seal properly.  Of
> course, then it will leak into the engine compartment which makes for a 
> not
> pretty sight.
> The torque spec for the filter is 15 to 20 ft lbs.  It takes a lot more 
> than
> that on a filter with the U gasket.
> So, to my mind, not just Fram is a problem - but also any filter 
> (Purolator
> and others) which have that U gasket.
> That said and knowing you...  you probably have a stock of the older style
> on hand.
> Later, JR

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