<VV> Filters again

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Tue Oct 27 16:41:04 EDT 2009

6 filters, $41.46, plus cheapest available shipping $133.09 = $174.55 / 6 = $29.09 per filter.... I'll stick with Clarks too!



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From: W Halsey <hihal at roadrunner.com>
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RockAuto has these for $6.91 each.

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 3:43 PM, Bill Kronen <billpat at telusplanet.net>wrote:

> FWIW department.....Just called our local NAPA to see if the WIX 51038
> was available to use in the Corvairs.  Not in Stock but could be gotten
> from the warehouse.  And the cost:
> $27.21  each.  Now keep in mind thats in Canadian funds but,  I could
> probably have 3 delivered from Clarks for the same price.  Think I'll
> stick with Clarks.
> Bill Kronen

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