<VV> Filters Again - 51038

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 28 03:49:21 EDT 2009

>...Just called our local NAPA to see if the WIX 51038 was available to use in the Corvairs.  Not in Stock but could be gotten from the warehouse.  And the cost: $C 27.21  each.  

Finally, "Made me go look, ya dirty crook" <grin>, and it is cold 
outside tonight. As noted previously, I have a very local *Independent* 
FLAPS (IFLAPS), meaning not part of some national or even local chain, 
and they stock Wix filters, like carry them on the shelf so you can walk 
out with it in your hand -- nice guys still selling parts the way parts 
used to be sold, by guys that don't have to know how many wiper blades 
you have on your rear window so they can look it up on the computer.  I 
suppose that if they weren't around, I'd buy some of Clark's filters, 
but they also have 51036's and 51010's on the shelf (actually the 36's 
are under the counter), and whatever the Trooper uses, too.

So to the point of this post -- a Wix 51038 for $10.21 US -- cheap, when 
you're buying $5 / Qt oil -- no shipping, no haggling, no off brand 
"made by Wix", Cash and Carry out the door. [The receipt was out in the 

Wix may not be the "World's Greatest Filter", but they are a 
consistently good filter and they are the outfit that makes them, so it 
is probably a Wix made filter inside that Wix can, and not a 'now made 
by somebody else because we changed suppliers' sorta deal.  And they 
make a Corvair filter.

When I needed an Alero window regulator that day, as the car was leaving 
the state the next, I made arrangements with my IFLAPS that I could go 
pick it up at the warehouse right then (vs. next-day-delivery), and it 
was a third of what the dealer wanted. Yes, I could have gotten it 
cheaper online, but I couldn't have gotten it *now* -- try that at Wally 
World, or your discount chain FLAPS.

Buy from your vendors, and the Mom & Pop places that still give you 
service, and don't whine about the prices, or gloat about how cheap it 
was online -- keep America working!

Bill Strickland

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