<VV> EUM in Group Red

kaczmarek at charter.net kaczmarek at charter.net
Thu Oct 29 14:05:57 EDT 2009

At long last, the Eastern Ultra Monza has gone in for body work and paint.   

Removing the paint won't be too tough, as when I got it from Matt, the sand blowing around where it was stored had already taken most of it off.  I only added some primer and Krylon to get it all one color until the proper work could begin.   

Starting with a good pressure washing under and all around, once it's dry again I'll have the bumpers and a few boxes of stuff to take home while we remove the paint and assess dings and dents to pull out, and begin the prep process.  

Not completely sure of the color yet, but since in the future I might like to do a USMC motif on the engine lid, I'm thinking about a gold color I saw on a 70 Camaro this year at Steele Rubber's Open House.   Probably offered on a lot of GM cars. 

My current engine lid had a bunch of rust on it, so we're looking at the two I bought from Wade Lanning last month to see which of the two is the better, and get it stripped as well. 

Hank---Happily in Group Red for once. 

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