<VV> Clutch question

tony.underwood at cox.net tony.underwood at cox.net
Fri Oct 30 12:00:50 EDT 2009

> I have reused many pressure plates with good results.
> If the machined surface is scored or blue, then resurfacing is needed. 
> If
> just a glaze, then I "DA" the surface lightly. I can hear the 
> machinists
> scoffing now.

Let them scoff.

I've never had a pressure plate resurfaced.   Never bought one new 
except for the Mopar musclecar Back When.   I've also never had a 
problem with using that DA sander to clean up a rough pressure plate 
face if need be.

Testing spring pressure is common sense and easy.

I must have at least a half-dozen pressure plates laying around, all 
previously checked out and they all passed muster except for the one 
given to me with the broken spring.   It's in the parts category and was 
kept because it was out of a Corsa and has lobes.


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