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All:  Davis mentions Trant Jarman in this column
(http://tinyurl.com/ygud5pu) which Bruce found.  Jarman has a Corvair
connection.  He was one of the principles in Centaur Engineering, a small
shop in Mt Clemens MI, which built racecars for the SCCA's H-Mod class.

For reasons unknown to me, sometime in 1964 Borg-Warner's Marbon Chemicals
Div went to them and commissioned them to build a sports-racing car which
was to use their Cycolac Thermoplastic for the body.  First car was
mid-engine Sunbeam Imp powered, all the others were rear-engine Corvair
powered.  Jarman went on the finish 1st in D-Mod in the SCCA's C-division in
1965.  The car was known as the CRV.  They probably only built 5 of them,
which were mostly used as show cars.  Two years later, the CRV morphed into
AMT's Corvair-powered Pariana kit car.

Davis hired and then fired Jarman as a road test driver at Car & Driver.
Something about crashing to many cars if I remember correctly.  But Jarman
ended up with Cars & Concepts I believe, and was the chief engineer on their
IMSA Beretta GTU car Tommy Kindell drove.  Maybe to a championship.  I'd
have to check my IMSA yearbooks to confirm what I think I remember.

Historically Yours.


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David E. Davis, Jr.: Convincing Chevy to Enter a Team of Corvairs in
the 1961 Shell 4000 Trans-Canada Rally - Column


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