<VV> 64 leaning?? PS:

Ken Lundy klundy at optonline.net
Sat Oct 31 14:03:50 EDT 2009

If anyone can recommend someone who would be able to diagnose and make the
necessary repairs/adjustments, please let me know.

My 64 convertible has 2 issues.... not sure if they¹re related.

First... when viewing the rear of the car, the engine appears to be slightly
lower on the drivers side.
I¹ve replaced the transmission mount bolts... spacer and shims look good.
Motor mounts look good.
I¹ve been told by couple of people that this condition is ³normal² for a 64.

Second...the entire car is slightly lower on the drivers side.  (about 1
inch to 1-1/4 inch)
I replaced the springs with new ones from Clarks. Yes the rear drivers side
spring is correct.
After the new springs were installed, the car still leans.
Clarks told me to check the rubber cushions between the body and the rear
They all appear to be OK.

Nothing under the car appears to be twisted or bent. Doors, trunk and engine
cover open and close easily... seams are nice and straight.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Ken Lundy
64 Monza Convertible.

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