<VV> Gas, Petrol, Benzin etc. costs (Now, rounding up.)

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A number of stations have tried this and it failed for just the reason you 
state.  People ignore the right side.  People switch stations to get gas at 
3.89.9 rather than get gas at $3.90.  They have the impression that they are 
saving a penny when they are only saving 1/10 of a penny.  The 
manufacturers of the gas pumps would dearly love to get rid of the "tenth" spot on their 
pumps as well.

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> Does anybody else wish they would make the gas companies list their prices 
> WITHOUT the "(point)9"??  I once read that people tend to ignore the right 
> side of a price; which is why a LOT of stuff on TV is quoted as "$19.99 - 
> people see the "19" and don't acknowledge  the price as $20, they see it as 
> $19...  Anyway, whenever I look at a gas price, I just automatically add 
> .01 to what's shown...  anybody else bothered by the (semi)false advertising 
> of gas stations??
> Jim Houston
> '65 Corsa

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