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Maybe  what I'm trying to say is that it is hard to sell people on CORSA if
you  only take your cars to Corvair events. These Goodguys events are  huge
concentrations of car enthusiasts. I've seen everything there from  hot
rodded Rolls Royces to stock Pintos. Most of the people there are  looking
for ideas and often don't know what they are looking for until they  find 
It helps our cause if we take our cars for these people to  see.


I brought my (grown) daughter to an every-Wednesday informal show  
yesterday. Only about 120 cars or so, of every type, HotRods to low riders to  
Classic cars. On display was a restored  Yenko Stinger. It also had a  printed 
display with the history behind it. My daughter mentioned that it looked  just 
like my old car. Her memories must be fuzzing with older age, mine  (YS003) 
was never this good, until lately! Now restored by someone else.  But the 
display of the car certainly provided a good comparison for the other  folks 
with cars and the hundreds of park and view spectators. In between  showing 
the Stinger, Roger, the owner, displays his other California car, the  1964 
World's Fair Spyder Convertible. It has it's own set of display  
information. The first time I went to this, I was checking out the 64 when a few  
"4-cylinder Corvair" folks wandered by and popped the Nader word. I finally had  
to leave the area and walk around to check out the other cars. I didn't want 
to  offend them "too much" - just a little.   

Seth Emerson

C's the Day! -  Corvair, Camaro, Corvette

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