<VV> Curiosity Question

Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Fri Sep 11 17:15:56 EDT 2009

I've read somewhere that you're supposed to turn the engine, when  
possible, in the direction it runs when adjusting valves.  I *think*  
this is a leftover from engines with timing chains and solid lifters,  
but I'm not sure.  That's my guess at least.


On Sep 11, 2009, at 4:55 PM, Ron wrote:

> When adjusting valves the right way per the manual, why are you  
> instructed to rotate the engine counter clockwise as differentiated  
> from clockwise?  The difference is that counter clockwise can loosen  
> the flywheel bolt whereas clockwise will only tighten it.  I've  
> always turned it clockwise with a 3/4 " wrench for the 360 degree  
> change.
> Just curious,
> RonH

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