<VV> EM Monza PG Idle Problem

Jeffrey B. Aronson jrh at foxislands.net
Sat Sep 12 16:40:51 EDT 2009

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the raft of great ideas and recommendations. I stopped at the 
person's house and told her of some of your suggestions. My Corvair has 
only a few tools in the trunk so I was ready to head home and get the 
Land Rover and its 50 lb. toolbox, timing light, dwell meter, feeler 
gauges, etc., when I decided to just start the EM and listen to it myself.

I had tuned it only two days earlier, so when it proved to be a very 
hard start with lots of excess white smoke out of the tailpipe, I was 
concerned. Indeed, it would barely idle at all. I opened up the hood, 
and using all my mechanical intuition, found the #4 spark plug wire 
dangling free. Replacing it let the car start stunningly well, and 
taking it for a test drive let me floor it in low range so as to clean 
out the car. It did not miss a beat.

The spark plug wires are quite new but I can't tell their manufacture or 
source from the writing on the wires. The plugs in the car are the AC's 
recommended by Clark's. I might well up the idle a bit as the generator 
light flickers at idle, but otherwise, the car seems to run quite well.

Thanks again for everyone's advice - this is like a classroom for 
Corvair enthusiasts!

Jeff Aronson
Vinalhaven, ME

'66 Corvair Monza Coupe 110/4
'66 Land Rover Series II-A 88"
'80 Triumph TR-7 Spider

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