<VV> Fwd: Re: Comments to the Virginia DMV

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sun Sep 20 00:16:35 EDT 2009

Last week while at a restaurant on Sunday morning for breakfast, I 
came outside afterwards and found a slip of paper under the wiper 
blade of my '60 4-door.

Usually when something lands under the wiper of the '60 it's an offer 
to sell me another Corvair or on rare occasions an offer to buy the 
'60 4-door.    This time was different.

It said:     (in what looked like typewritten text that had been 
through many generations of copy machine cycles)

"You are being reported to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles 
for misuse and/or abuse of the Antique Motor Vehicle rules for 
antique license plates."

In a scribbled line of ballpoint text at the bottom of the note was:

"Antique plates are for show cars only!"

I was pissed.  Upon returning to the house I went straight to the 
computer and after a bit of link chasing and searching, found a link 
to a DMV page that allows comments to be e-mailed to the VA DMV 
regarding their rules and regulations.

I sent them a somewhat irate comment regarding whether they condone 
or actually encourage such vigilante activity by "concerned citizens" 
who evidently have NO real knowledge of the laws regarding vintage 
vehicle registrations and usage.

Below is the response I got back from the DMV.

>From: "Virginia DMV" <questions at dmv.virginia.gov>
>subject: Re: Comments
>Dear Mr. Underwood,
>Thank you for visiting www.dmvnow.com.
>Virginia DMV does not take reports of vehicles that may be abusing 
>any restrictions as a result of the type of registration they carry. 
>This is something that is strictly handled by law enforcement officials.
>The individual that placed the note on your vehicle was acting of 
>their own accord and not through the instruction or encouragement of 
>DMV. If DMV receives any such notification, we advise that 
>individual that the so claimed offender must be caught in the act by 
>law enforcement.
>**If you need to respond to this email, please return to DMVnow.com 
>and click on Contact Us.  Your secure online form will be delivered 
>and you will receive a delivery confirmation.**
>M. Taylor
>E-Correspondence Unit
>Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
>PO Box 27412
>Richmond VA 23269-0001

I provided all details of my vehicle including a description of its 
(somewhat less that show car quality) cosmetic appearance and the 
fact that it had taken us to the restaurant on a Sunday morning which 
indeed fits within the DMV regs pertaining to use and operation of 
vintage vehicles registered as such in the commonwealth of VA.

I figured it would be useless to ask who the nimrod was who left that 
note under the windshield of my oldest (and very much unrestored) 
Corvair.    I would have loved to have had a chance to discuss with 
that individual their logic and rationale (not to mention their ignorance).

Just thought I'd mention it.


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