<VV> 110 PG with rough idle and wanting to stall at stops

Jim McLott Jim.McLott at DOR.GA.GOV
Sun Sep 20 13:53:21 EDT 2009


No one else has mentioned it yet, but I'm wondering why you have the initial timing set to 24 degrees BTDC?  According to the 65 shop manual and 66 supplement, the initial timing for a 110 w/PG is 14 degrees BTDC.  The only engine that needs 24 degrees of advance is the turbo.

I'm not sure that having the advance set at 24 is causing the rough idle, but Christine is a '66 model with a 110/PG and she runs fine on 14 degrees of advance.

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 After it warmed up, I checked the advance and it is where I have had it for the last five months at 24 BTDC.



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