<VV> Terminal block, was: Horrid Red Plastic thingy?

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Mon Sep 21 12:14:26 EDT 2009

LACK OF MAINTENANCE (as GM would say) is the reason anyone has trouble with
it. As you point out, the knuckle-dragging would-be mechanics abuse it,
then wonder why it breaks. The only "thingy" that's "horrid" is the idiot
who has trouble with it, or refers to it by that non-name.

I've owned Corvairs since before they stopped building them (the one I've
owned the longest and still have is a '67 - owned since '71) and have NEVER
had a problem with that terminal block. I'm always amazed at people saying
it's been a problem for them. Must have IQ's in the single digits is all I
can figure out.

BTW it's listed in Clark's catalog as "electrical connector" part #C6802 on
page 82.

-Mark (terminology police)

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> Subject: Re: <VV> Horrid Red Plastic thingy?
> Dare the newbie ask what the horrid red plastic thingy is? Or will I 
> need to
> brace myself with a vodka tonic first?
> =========================================
>   On LM's  next to battery on the rail....  the 1/4x20  electrical 
> junction stud....
> Challenged Goriila's working on Vairs seem to find them fragile!  LOL!!
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