<VV> [SCG] Repro battery: vintage looks/mod. inside?

Bill Hubbell whubbell at cox.net
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That is certainly a good point.  Yes, if you are competing in CORSA Concours
there is a Operations Check section (Unit 6) for which you would need a
working battery.  For most other purposes, however (AACA, local shows,
museum/mall shows, etc.) it would not be an issue.

Of course, I would much prefer to have a functional Stock appearing battery
than to use a dry, non-functional battery, but given the cost of getting a
reproduction battery, if they aren't going to hold a charge well anyway.....


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Any FUNCTION tests involved which require actual voltage?  Say, like - the 
dome (or courtesy) light comes on when the door is open?

Later, JR

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> This kind of defeats the purpose of a stock restoration.
> I think a better solution (though a bit of a hassle) is to leave the repro
> battery dry (don't ever add acid) and just put it in the car for shows;
> otherwise use an aftermarket battery for driving.
> Bill Hubbell

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