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Don't be so quick to judge. Wait until you see Claypool's car. (G) THEN
you'll understand.....


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> Well, restoring a badly rusted car makes no sense, except it can be done. 
> Hard labor makes up for Bill Gates money (which I sure don't have).  I 
> haven't seen the CC article yet but I am sure the cars couldn't be any
> than the 64 Sagan Spyder convertible that I am attempting to restore. 
> the progress on Gary Swiatowy's website 
> http://rides.webshots.com/album/233356382dqYpqr  But then early models
> stronger than late models.  And there was only one Spyder convertible
> belonged to Carl Sagan.
> Dennis Dorogi
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> Subject: <VV> Claypool's parts car
> > All,
> >
> > I just got the latest CC today (Oh no! Not that thread again!) and on
> > inside cover are some shots and a story by Larry Claypool about a
> > of
> > parts cars he went after. The one wasn't even worth the effort, but he
> > take the LM. The car literally fell apart in pieces.
> >
> > Anyway, the article reminded me of a thread I posted a short while back
> > concerning parts cars and rare accessories. I cited (for sake of
> > intellectual discussion) for example my '67 4doors and the factory tape
> > player. Then mentioned that some Corvette people (and probably others) 
> > feel
> > a car should only be restored to "as built" condition, having nothing
> > or less than what it got at the factory.
> >
> > My thread presented three possible options, 1)throw away everything,
> > 2)salvage the tape system, but sit it on the shelf to gather dust, or
> > 3)install it in a good car. One guy (I've since lost his post) said that
> > he'd go ahead and "restore the parts car". WRONG! That, as I specified, 
> > was
> > NOT an option. (There always seems to be somebody who can't pay 
> > attention.)
> > Which brings me to Claypool's car.
> >
> > Bottom line is that I don't think even Bill Gates has enough money to
> > "restore" Claypool's car. LOL And THAT was the point of that past
> > There ARE parts cars that ARE unrestorable. Doesn't matter if it's got
> > ONLY one of "X" rare option in existance. Sometimes you just HAVE no
> > alternative BUT to do my option #3. I hope that guy is paying
> > attention...... ;o)
> >
> > -Mark
> >

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