<VV> 64 monza AC project car for sale in Pennsylvania

judynrandy at comcast.net judynrandy at comcast.net
Thu Apr 1 11:56:36 EDT 2010

A friend of mine wants to sell his 64 monza project car.  It has factory ac and appears fairly complete.  I helped him reseal the engine and drive train.  I t runs good.  But with a wasted fuel system and no brakes its not driveable.  Also looks like a 52,000 mi original.  Looks like it sat for a while.  The interior is wasted, body fair to poor.  All '64 suspension stuff is there and looks ok.  Glass is good. 

   The car is located in Saxton, Pennsylvania.   He wants $900/ o.b.o.  The owner's name is Dave.  His number is 814-635-7098  

Randy (Cap'n) Hook 

'63 ragtop  84/pg 

'65 monza 4-dr  110/pg 

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