<VV> carbon tracking

lewisrishel lewrish at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 2 12:39:12 EDT 2010

Mention was made recently hereon about carbon tracking in the distributor 
cap. If you understand that the original caps supplied by Generous Motors 
are black because they have someting called lampblack (which is a carbon 
bypproduct) in them to make them black, then you can see that tracking is 
very likely to happen eventually. And more likely in the moist, hot southern 
places like that long narrow state that extends down toward cigar land, as 
well as the northern one with the million water holes for ice fishing, and 
also the humid areas in the rusty bible belt, plus the places below the 
salty sea level ober der in die Nederlaanndt.
So, what is the cure. There are several manufacturers of caps without 
lampblack, Niehoff is one, these caps are available in blue, tan and grey 
and perhaps other colors.  They have copper or brass contacts inside, not 
that cheapie aluminium crap the general uses, I prefer Brass,  which will be 
a lifetime cap, and will never carbon track. ya pays yer money, and ya takes 
yer cherch. 

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