<VV> Unexpected non-technical Corvair benefit

Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 3 10:19:55 EDT 2010

I wonder if there is some relationship between appreciation for the arts, and appreciation of Corvairs (particularly Early models?). Your description of your daughter's interest sounds just like my daughter. When she was 13, she wanted a Corvair like my '62 Monza. We bought a ragged '64 Spyder convertible, which she completely refurbished mechanically (with my help) and has been driving since she got her license at 16 (has put 100 K miles on it). She is now 24 years old. Started college in the Drama program, and switched to Music education. She is getting ready to attend Yale for a Divinity degree. 

Chuck McKinley wrote:

<<When my daughter was about 12 she insisted that I save my '63 Monza  
900 for her when she was road-legal, and she commuted with it for her  
last two years of high school, to the admiration of many and the  
curiosity of all. It remains her prize possession and her vehicle of  
    She is now 18 and in a music theater program at a prominent  
conservatory for performing arts >>
 -- Doug Mackintosh
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