N2VZD at aol.com N2VZD at aol.com
Sat Apr 3 10:46:55 EDT 2010

i am not a chemist , but those black caps PROBABLY did not have carbon or  
conducting materials in them, kinda like bakelite used on high voltage 
panels  and insulators on electronic equipment since way back..(including coil 
towers).  the next best stuff was ceramic and teflon. once the stuff breaks 
down due to  moistire , that track WILL measure with an ohm meter. sometimes , 
when  conditions are right , there is a mini thunderstorm inside your 
distributor. too  large a plug gap , weak wires , a loose plug wire with a gap , 
will cause the l  voltage to build up enough to wreak havoc in the strangest 
ways, not unlike  lightning. 
i can find out the real composition from guys who know for sure later in  
the week , if this thread hangs on like most...
regards, tim colson 

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