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 Well, the issue would be, Tim, that you'd need to test a whole lot of them. A sample of one doesn't really tell you much. As it's been pointed out, most owners never have a problem. But a few do! This is the inherent variability I was eluding to, that would require a statistically significant sample to figure this out! 

And yeah, there are better ways to spend one's time and energy!!


John Roberts


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For high voltage insulation and structural purposes, there are most definitely materials out there with fewer chances of breaking down than what the factory used. It's all about how much they wanted to spend! 

i suppose i could hi pot test a few someday for grins , to see how high a voltage they take before breakdown...  but i would rather waste that worry time working on my corvair projects.
i have had very few caps/ ignition systems  in the last years that wont hold up to  a "wet tune"   hosing them down with water after tune up while running.
regards, tim colson


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