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Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 4 19:50:32 EDT 2010

>The fact that those who believe, heart and soul, in the "as-built" ideology
>are so married to it that they cannot see the forest for the trees is

What is regrettable is that those folks see no flaws in their ideology, 
and that you (and I) want to go on about the fact that people are not 
all the same, and what may suit one taste might not suit someone else's 
taste, and in the process, bore the rest of the VV membership to tears 
with this pointless discussion where there is neither right nor wrong, 
and it is merely just a difference of opinions.

Me, I'm a hot rodder type who has no problem taking a perfectly good WW 
II era belly tank (which are getting scarcer by the day), cutting it up 
and installing a rear mounted Ford flathead motor and some suspension to 
go relatively slow down at Bonneville just for the sake of doing it. 

Nor, if the owner of a high point AACA Packard gets bored with his ride 
and wants to repower it with a big block crate motor and paint it pink 
and purple mealflake, I have no problem helping him do that, either.  I 
may privately question his sanity, but as long as the money flows from 
his pocket to mine, no problems.  This is Corvair content, by the way, 
as this particular car now has a LM Corvair gas door & FC taillights, 
among other things. (can't find pic, sorry, I looked)

Bill Strickland

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