<VV> Corvairs with 'Antique' plates ?

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They've changed that in Illinois a couple years ago.  Now only 96 and later 
cars have to be emissions tested.  I'm driving a 95, and hopefully will be 
for a long while yet.

Charles Fregeau.

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> The laws are very very different here state to state. The most common
> restriction is not to drive regularly to work, but even that is not
> consistent.  So if you have questions on the legality of your usage, check
> the law for your state. If you have questions about the enforcement of 
> said
> laws, check with local enthusiasts...
> IL has some of the most restrictive usage requirements and (in places) 
> some
> of the most draconian enforcement... I've heard of cars having their AV
> plates pulled when seen at a grocery store. I rarely ran AV plates in IL.
> In many states it's not the "cheap plates" that are the primary draw... 
> it's
> the exemption from the (sometimes annual) safety and emissions inspections
> that you get with them.  While I like the idea of basic safety 
> inspections,
> it's not uncommon for a one-time MD safety inspection to cost $1000+...
> And in IL not running AV plates meant I had to get anything newer than a
> 1968 though a recurring emissions inspection... even for a decent running
> car that can be tough...
> Bill
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>> Sounds like you have to me. I don't know the law and don't claim too. I
>> thought that those cheap plates allowed you to go to a club function,
>> parade, or the shop and that is it. As I said, don't know and don't care 
>> I
>> have a real plate, so have at it
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>> Abuse is in the eye of the beholder.  If I drive on my AV plate to
>> Springfield for the SEC of State (like DMV) display and the back home -
>> and
>> later to Cedar Rapids for convention - and maybe another few hundred 
>> miles
>> on local club events plus a couple thousand for personal use... have I
>> violated the rules - or intent - of an AV plate?
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