<VV> Gene Winfield Corvair-engined custom

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 6 06:24:47 EDT 2010

>If you had attended the Portland, Oregon Corvair Convention a few years ago, you could have seen Tom Keosababian's "Clean Air Corvair".  That Corvair ran over 170 mph at Bonneville with propane fuel, twin turbochargers and lots of water injection.  It certainly had at least 450 hp, so high hp Corvairs (even with Corvair engines) are nothing new.

And, just a couple years earlier than that, the Reactor car was at the 
Portland Roadster Show  -- for some reason, it really wasn't cleaned up 
for show, but looked like it had just been hauled out of the warehouse, 
and was placed in a rather dark corner.  I don't recall anything 
remarkable about the engine (other than being Corvair), and expect it 
was just a stock engine with an inflated HP claim.  At the time I saw it 
it was non-op, but now that it is in Starbird's museum, I suspect it is 
cleaned up a bit, and could at least look operational.

Winfield also had a new work at that show, a swoopy gold Cadillac 
custom, and the Reactor probably came along as an after thought, since 
it was probably already in Portland at the time.

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