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To judge  by what I have observed in recent years, and to judge by the 
responses  thus far, the principal consideration driving the makeup of 
convention  schedules is not only the assertion that the "concours has to 
be the first  event," but also that the concours has to be the first 
event for the  benefit of the Cole competitors -- a group that represents 
a small subset  of convention attendees and an equally small if not 
smaller subset of  CORSA membership as whole.

Scheduling should be based on the broadest  cross-section, not one of the 

In theory, if all Cole competitors were to enter and drive all  events, it 
might not matter when in the convention the Concours took place.  I'm sure 
that all of the other (non-Cole) Concours competitors might  happily have the 
event late in the week. Then they wouldn't have to compete  against the 
Cole competitors. Their cars could stay in the trailers until the  big day! We 
wouldn't have to look at them in the parking lot at all! Actually,  they 
would only have to show up for classification, the show and the awards  
banquet. Sort of like the Autocrossers can do now! 
If complaining is in order, I have a real one. (I think) I don't know who  
came up with the idea of bringing all of the competitors up front for each 
of  the awards, handing out placques to the winners, then watching all the  
losers standing around with their fingers up their butts. It is embarrassing  
enough to lose, but to have to stand up in front of everyone to admit it, 
that  sucks!  If it saves a half hour at the dinner, big deal. We all waited 
a  year for the banquet, it can go until 10:30!
Well Thank You - I feel better now!
Seth  Emerson

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