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The best suggestion yet, BUT I'll bet the Concours people won't like it!


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I have a simple solution to the concours problem.  Stop judging
undercarriages!  Have the concours last on a Saturday so the public can see
it.  If your car got dirty on the rally, econo run or autocross, run it thru
the automatic car wash and show it!  The factory never cared what the bottom
of our Corvairs looked like, so why do we "over restore" and try to make the
bottom prettier than the top?  I'll bet the average brand new Corvair was
rusty underneath before it was sold.  Undercoating was sprayed around wheel
wells with no care by the appliers.
If some got on the panted surfaces outside it was wiped off but nobody cared
what the bottom looked like.  Gas tanks, springs, tie rods, relay rods and
other suspension parts were installed without paint so why do we try to
powder coat and make all that boring stuff look pretty?
Clark (cars are made to be driven) Hartzel

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