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Hi Paul,

You make some good points.

I must say that if the cars are not on the show field (or autocross), they 
are in the hotel parking lot (various local hotels at this point) OR off 
looking for food as well OR on a driving event.  People actually DRIVE them 
at conventions.

This does not help with answering immediate questions when no one is around 
to answer, but folks (members or not) who have questions can be directed to 
where and when the next (parked) event will take place.  If they truly have 
an interest they will find a way to be there.

I know, this convention does not include a weekend day for the curious 
potential member opportunity - but remember that it is an experiment in 
scheduling at this point.  Hopefully, lessons will be learned and memories 
will not be short regarding future conventions.

Later, JR

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> With all the ideas flying around, thought I'd put my two cents worth in. 
> I've attened about five conventions in about the last twelve years or so. 
> The main reason I go to them is to meet new people  and to see the cars 
> and maybe find a few parts. I usually get in the day before the start, by 
> the time I get to bed after talking with people and trying to find a place 
> to eat(wife has had stomache removed because of ulcers)she can't eat fast 
> food,so it get a little involved finding food.Point being,of the five 
> conventions, by the time I get up do the daily routine, find breakfast and 
> get out and about. The  car displays are about over and every one is 
> leaving the display area. Can't find anyone around to ask " what is that 
> ?" What did those seats come out of?"stuff likr that.
> Besides, I thought the purpose of the displays was to expose the cars to 
> the  public. Not going to get a very big turn out in the morning on a week 
> day .Most people work till after 2:30pm. By the time they get there the 
> cars are gone as well as the owners are off doing meetings and 
> socializing.I've checked at the conventions ,met very few non club members 
> during the day, most general public show up after 2:00. Well guess I'll 
> get down off my soap box now.
>                                                                    Paul 
> Chapman

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