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Bob, you have to remember that that was in the days before computers.

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Au contraire, Mark.

Detroit 1979 may in fact have been the cluster that you describe, but at 
Parisppany in 1984 the concours was held on Saturday, the last day of 
the convention, and the day of the banquet.  We were told it couldn't be 
done.  Hogwash.  We devised a computerized tallying system and, 
utilizing only three humans, had all the results organized and ready 
well in advance of the banquet.

In fact, it went so smoothly that we wound up second-guessing 
ourselves.  It was too easy.  So as the banquet was getting under way, 
our tabulators went back and did a few random cars' sheets by hand, the 
old way, to check.  All was perfect.

I guess the CORSA concours committee suffered from NIH because no future 
convention used our computerized tallying.  I do not know how it is 
being done today.  Has the concours committee discovered EXCEL yet?

--Bob Marlow

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