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Bruce Schug bwschug at att.net
Sat Apr 10 10:07:48 EDT 2010

On Apr 10, 2010, at 7:38 AM, Jim Gammon wrote:

> Anyone here know this car?  It looks sweet.
> http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230457485315&ssPageName=ADME:B:BCA:MOTORS:1123


"logg" is the ebay identity of a man in Anderson, SC that sells cars  
for Jerry Wells, also of Anderson, SC, on ebay.  Jerry is part owner  
of a used car business in Anderson, and a member of CORSA and CORSA  
SC.  Jerry buys and sells a lot of Corvairs, most of them selling on  
ebay.  He seems to get them out of thin air, which is to say, if  
there's a Corvair for sale in the southeast, Jerry probably knows  
about it.  If he thinks he can make some money on it, he'll probably  
buy it.

I think most of the cars he buys need some work done to them.  Jerry  
is not a mechanic and uses two or three Corvair mechanics to work on  
these cars for him.  The bodywork is done by a relative, I think it's  
a brother-in-law, who has a body shop.

Jerry's phone number usually appears in the ad and you can always call  
him about the car.  In this ad, he mentions Bill Prichard, in Black  
Mountain, NC, also a member of CORSA, CORSA SC, and CORSA NC.  Bill is  
a friend of many of us and an excellent mechanic.  He is active in the  
Highlands Sports Car Club of Asheville, NC, and often does the  
announcing for area autocrosses and hill climbs, including  
conventions.  Bill is sort of the "Voice of Autocrossing" in the SE.   
You can call Bill about this particular car at: 828-669-7076.

I am usually not familiar with the cars Jerry sells, as they usually  
come from out of this area.  Once in a while he drives one to a  
meeting or calls me to tell me about a particular car he's bought.  I  
have no knowledge of this car.

Jerry usually seems to do well selling these Corvairs on ebay.  Some  
times he gets taken, like anyone would, by buying a car then finding  
it needs more than he expected in order to sell it.  Sometimes he gets  
more than the car is worth and I think he would tell you that  
himself.  Sometimes he gets a dead-beat buyer who backs out of the  
purchase.  His ebay ads are generally well-written and include good  
pictures.  All of the cars he sells seem to be "stunning" a word that  
seems to add $500 to the value of a car on ebay.  You'll notice,  
however, there are no pictures of the underside of this car.  There is  
also no mention of awards this car has won at area shows or concours.

Tony Ellison lives closer to Jerry and sometimes has knowledge of the  
cars he's selling.  Tony is a well-known racer, mechanic, and all- 
around nice person and member of CORSA SC and CORSA.  Tony's number  
is: 864-964-9835.  I don't have time to go and look at this car for  
you, before it sells, but for a few bucks, Tony might, if you're  
seriously considering bidding.  If I can be of more help to you, my  
phone number is 864-268-2884.


Bruce W. Schug
CORSA South Carolina
CORSA member since 1980
Performance Corvair Group
Stock Corvair Group
'67 Monza, "67AC140"
bwschug at att.net

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