<VV> Fw: Don't Judge the Undercarriage

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If you read Bob Marlows mail, Bob had to go outside to look at my car to be sure the computer program was correct.  

 ..........."In fact, it went so smoothly that we wound up second-guessing ourselves"................... 

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 My .02 Perhaps we should also not judge the engine compartment, as it too can get dirty, likewise the same should go for the floors, as a long trip certainly will get something on it too. Oh yeah, the bugs on the front. I Hate to have to clean them off.

  At the CORSA '84 national, I trailered the car in, then ran in the rally, the autocross, found out that the oil cap came off and drenched the entire engine compartment in nice clean oil. It took a can of gunk and the hotels dock cleaning hose to get the car clean again. I guess you know the score. I still was able to get best in show. The car was still a gold winner at the Pennsylvania national.

 Keep it tough. There are too many excellent cars out there. Detailing gets it done.

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