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One wise person said that the best trophy you can ever have is the one you
drive home in.

Sadly, too many people are after that "chunk of metal" trophy status, so
much so that they don't realize that for all the money they spend on a
restoration, they could BUY a whole trophy store worth of trophies. What
price vanity?

What's worse, there have been many cases where someone took a really decent
original car and did a pavement-up resto on it, simply because it was an
"easy" resto, and as an original it wouldn't have won them any of those
"magic" ego-boosting trophies. Sure, they got what they wanted. A nice,
dust-catching trophy. But they destroyed a really great original to do it.
What these kind of people fail to realize is that their car probably was
worth more, historically, as an original. I don't care how well or
"accurate" you restore a car. It's only original once!

As for me, a resto is nice, but there's nothing better than an original,
warts and all.


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> Frank's right, enjoy and drive the car. What good are trophy's (except in 
> wives)? You can't spend them. Your moment of glory when the MC hands you
> trophy will be gone as soon as you sit down. It'll sit on the shelf, 
> collecting dust, til it gets shipped to the attic with the rest of the 
> detritus of your life.
> I've got some very nice Corvairs, and whenever they're in a show, it's
> for show.
> Now if the show's offering some cash rewards, maybe I'll get off my ass
> do some detailing...
> Harry Yarnell
> Perryman Garage and Orphanage
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> > Wayne,
> >     You're actually considering selling your "very nice" Corvair
> > you can't WIN TROPHIES with it anymore????
> >     Yikes!!!   I hope I never get to that stage in my life!
> >
> > Frank "likes DRIVER Corvairs" Burkhard

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