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You can choose to receive the VV posts in two ways.  Either singularly or 
in digest mode.  Apparently, you get yours one at a time.  Those who choose 
to receive the posts in digest form, get anywhere from 10 to 15 posts in each 
email .... sometimes fewer.  The number of posts depends on the length of 
the combined posts.  Apparently, the VV system sends off the digest once it 
gets big enough.  If you have ever received a post with 10 or 15 posts 
included, that person receives his posts in digest form.  What the rant is about 
is that some people copy and paste the whole digest with their response.  
This takes up most of the next digest and you may receive just the new message 
and an old digest.  I suggest to the people who can't remember to crop the 
response that they return to VV setup and change the way they receive their 
posts to the "one at a time" mode.  That way, you don't need to remember.

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> Every once in a while someone mentions 'digest mode.'  Sorry to say I do 
> not understand this term.  When I reply to a VV post am I also replying to a 
> digest mode?  Do I even receive posts which have been sent in 'digest 
> mode?'  Is there a way to tell?   There are lots of ways members reply to VV.  
> Some reply with just an answer ... frequently I have forgotten the original 
> post so their answer means nothing.  Others reply with 'snips' which is a 
> big help towards understanding, and then some, myself included, that 
> usually top or bottom re-post the entire original so readers can refer back for 
> the context in which both the original and the reply was posted.  Come to 
> think of it, am I receiving and sending in digest mode?  When I log on to my 
> computer I receive a list of 'new' emails.  The columns of that list 
> include sender name, subject, and date.  I am able to delete any line I chose 
> based on that information or I can click on any line to read the contents.  Is 
> this different 
> than some, or any, other participants?  Should I be concerned or should I 
> just use my delete key on rants?
> Ken P

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