<VV> digest mode/Attachment names

Dave Thompson dave.thompson at verizon.net
Sun Apr 11 13:14:21 EDT 2010

Throughout the several years I have been on VV, Digest mode, every once in a
while, I get a digest and all the attachments (individual post emails) come
up labeled "ATT0001234" with varying numbers at the end. Lately, that's the
only way they come. When this happens, I have to open each one to see the
subject and then open up that one to read it. 


Before, the attachments were each labeled with their subject. I could click
on a subject and the entire email would come up. I wonder what is causing
the above abnormality. It most likely is not my settings as it is
intermittent. I have even looked for a commonality such as posts from the
same person that may have odd settings that cause the server to error in the
way described above.


It would be nice to be able to fix the issue.


Dave Thompson

63 Spyder Vert, Daily Driver

Lakewood, Calif.

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