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On 4/11/2010 1:37 PM, John Howell wrote:
 > If you are getting the same complaints every year would it not make
 > sense to correct these problems and not make the same mistakes each
 > year ?

We do.

 > Does CORSA not give each club or group that is planning the next
 > convention a list of `DOs' and `DON`Ts' so they will have a guideline
 > to avoid problems from the past ?

We do one better. We preview the convention at the convention site and 
work together with the host chapter on the schedule among other things. 
Making up the schedule without conflicts is not that easy.

 > This year all group meetings are bunched up on Tuesday evening, three
 > are at the same time: V-8 Registry, Stock Corvair and Corvanatics
 > groups ! Some of these could have been on Wednesday.

Exactly when on Wednesday? The rally lasts until 5:30 pm and the CORSA 
annual meeting starts at 6:45 pm.

If you look through your VV posts on the same topic, you'll see that I 
posted the message below 3 days ago.  Do you know how many replies to 
that post I have received with alternate suggestions? ONE, from J R.

Both Ken Pepke and Clark Hartzel know how difficult convention 
scheduling is because they were both heavily involved in the 2007 
convention. Sarah Beltrami and the others from the Florida clubs know as 
they worked on the FL conventions. Jamie Reinhart, Bob Dunahugh, Chuck 
Prosise, and Eric Prosise know as they're working on this years convention.

Suggestion for a positive contribution to this thread: Download a copy 
of this year's schedule. (There should be a link to one attached to this 
message.) Make changes to it and send it back to me (privately). If you 
want me to send you privately a copy, let me know.


PS. Thanks to ALL THOSE who have given their time and efforts to help 
make the conventions great!

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Sometimes, you have to make choices. We [the Convention Coordinators]
have heard a lot about the convention being too long. We have also
witnessed diminishing banquet numbers.

We also had some people say that we need to publicize the Corvair more
to the general public. The autocross day was set before we started
working on the schedule; it is on Thursday. Concours has to be the first 
event, so that's on Tuesday, leaving the rally and economy run on
Wednesday. And the car display is open to the public on Friday until 2 pm.

We shortened the convention by a half-day. We try and keep as few
conflicts as possible, and when we do have conflicts, we try select the
meetings in which most people would have fewest conflicts. For instance
the Stock Corvair Group meets at the same time as the V-8 Registry and

Knowing all this, what would you do? How would you schedule it? I have
attached a Word doc of the schedule to this message if you would like to 
play 'what if'. If you do, turn on revision marks so I can see the
changes you've made.


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