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Sun Apr 11 17:41:24 EDT 2010

Yesterday and today I took my 65 Corsa V-8 conversion to a local SCCA  
driving school and autocross. The response from spectators and participants was  
rather overwhelming. Many of the older autocrossers reminisced about Vairs 
they  had owned in the past and some from the younger group were total  
unfamiliar with a Corvair. Several participants indicated that they had never  
seen one before and asked who made it and when. Each time I came back to 
where  my car was parked, there would be several people standing around ready to 
ask  general questions about Corvairs. It was a pleasant experience plus I 
had a  number of favorable comments from the event coordinators suggesting 
that it was  nice to see some 'Vintage American Iron' on the course for a 
This leads into my topic for VV. Over the past year or more, much  has been 
discussed and written about CORSA's finances and membership  recruitment. 
Our chapter, Derby City Corvair Club, has also spent considerable  time 
hashing these topics over. Many of us believe that recruitment of new  members 
has it best chance when the performance characteristics of the Corvair  are 
presented to the younger generation. The experience at the local autocross  
helps to drive home that point. If more of us signed up to participate in  
events sponsored by non-Corvair groups we could all draw more attention to  
Corvairs. If we had a club jacket to wear to events, then others would  know 
who the Corvair owners are. I had such a jacket on this weekend and  people 
took notice. Now you can own one. Our chapter has designed and started  
producing a 'Racing Team Jacket' for all Corvair enthusiasts. Two styles are  
available and have been priced so that all the proceeds from jacket sales will  
be donated to CORSA. These are high quality nylon jackets with distinctive  
lettering embroidered on the back side. The CORSA logo is embroidered on the 
 left front side. A portion of the proceeds will also be designated for the 
 Racing Fund. If you want to support CORSA, the Racing Fund and draw more  
attention to the Corvair, consider purchasing one of these exclusive jackets 
for  you and your family. For pictures and the order form, visit our web 
site at  _www.derbycitycorvair.com_ (http://www.derbycitycorvair.com) . Click 
on  'newsletter' and check out the Racing Team jackets under Corvair News. 
We  look forward to your support.
John Lanning
Member: CORSA, Derby City Corvair, PCG, V-8 Registry, SCCA
66 Corsa Conv 140AC
65 Corsa 4.5L Coupe  

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